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Hey Folks

So I decided to take a few days off and focus on reading some scripture to get my head on straight. Was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the ideas rolling around in my head and my lack of time to work on them, so I needed to lay them aside for a while and focus on the things that are important. I will most likely continue reading tonight and enjoying the quiet and peace scripture brings, but I look forward to spending some time on projects this weekend. Maybe a little painting 🙂

– J


The first

So everyone has to start somewhere. I have been working on this first project for a few days now (mostly in my head) and now I have something semi completed. I am considering both leaving it as is, which seems more professional looking OR painting Texas Fight in white to fill in some of the blank spots.

I am encouraged because hammering and wrapping only took about 2 hours, which is less time than I anticipated. The next few will go much smoother as well and I have a better sense of what to expect.

Til tomorrow.

– J

The beginnings

So yesterday I finally got the materials I needed to start working on a few projects. I didn’t realize staining would take an overnight waiting period, so it was a short work night. However, now that things are prepped, things can start to roll.

I was planning on painting a few wine glasses while I wait, but sadly I got the wrong paint at the store so that is also on hold.

Tonight will be a work night I think. Pictures to come soon.

– J

The Start of Something New

So I have slowly been gathering ideas and materials and I am excited to start the crafting process. I assume I’ll spend a good amount of time crafting before I focus on the selling aspect. January may be a hard stretch to make my goal. However, I will do my best (esp. with Valentines Day being at the beginning on February, I may be able to sell a few things late January for that).

Some of the ideas I’ve had so far:

1. Penny art (mostly longhorn focused since they are the perfect burnt orange color)
2. Create coffee bible verse mugs (more detail on that later)
3. Wood/Nail creations. I got this idea from something I saw on Pinterest. I have a ton of ideas streaming from this so I’ll speak more to this later as well
4. Personalized Clocks. Also something Pinterest gave me the idea for. This one will take some practice first, but I am excited about it.

The crafting begins tonight. Pictures should be coming by the end of this week, or as I finish working.

– J

New Years Resolution

So I decided to bring this blog back from the grave with a new purpose. I am going to create and sell baked goods or crafts in order to pay half of my rent. This seems like a viable way to make some extra cash and I have had a lot of ideas over the past few months that I needed motivation to try. So… This is my effort. I am hopeful to update this blog at least once a day to talk about my exploits and possibly post/sell items through this medium.  So begins a new journey. Carry on.

– J